Past Events

Meditation Guide

Kim has been offering Beginning Guided Mindfulness Meditation evenings for the community for many years. Recently she has been offering these evenings online as well. You will find the latest offerings on her meditation page. 

Co-Facilitator with

1. Nature Wellness Program #3: Nature, Neuroscience and ResiliencyBringing Forest Bathing to Urban ParksSaturday Sept. 18th 2:00 - 4:30 PST
2. Canadian Fall Colours Virtual-Immersion Retreat Saturday Sept. 25th  10:00 a.m. EST 

RMTAO Education Conference

Guest Speaker:  Self-Care from an Eastern Perspective; Bringing Eastern Medical Theories into Your Self-Care Practices and Recommendations, June 2021

Guest Speaker:  Awareness and Introduction to Treatment Protocols for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, June 2019